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Call for papers deadline: 30th September 2012
The core theme of the conference asks is Leadership at the Crossroads? Being at the crossroads offers both opportunities and a time for reflection on key ideas and events that have shaped our ideas of leadership and who can be leaders and thus have influenced our study of leadership. Are there other forms of knowledge that are available to us that we have ignored or discounted but which have the potential to give us greater insights into leadership theory and practice?

We encourage research and scholarly contributions that question current theoretical understandings of leadership. We also encourage a critical perspective by re-imagining normative theories of leadership, offering an opportunity to question monolithic and managerialist constructions of leadership and to provoke alternative and context-rich conceptualisation. Has the more recent focus on diversity issues (such as gender, generational issues, culture and spirituality etc.) really impacted on leadership research and practice? Do we connect effectively with Indigenous knowledge about leadership and new forms of leadership that are emerging in the fast growing economies of South East Asia? Is the role of technology changing the landscape of how leadership is being enacted? What are the trends in leadership that are emergent based on global shifts?

The conference provides the opportunity to examine current leadership thinking and to link it with a range of ideas regarding leadership knowledge and practice. The aim is to bring together existing voices and the voices that have not been heard to help to shape new leadership research agendas.

Conference sub-themes
Some of the key sub-themes that we expect to explore at the conference include:

Gender and Diversity: Have the key challenges that women leaders face changed? Why do we still see so few women in executive and board level positions? What impact might generational issues have? How do culture and ethnicity influence and impact on our views of leaders and leadership?

Leaders and leadership: Have we moved from a focus on leaders to a focus on leadership? What are the new challenges leaders face? Has the relationship between leaders and followers changed? How important is context? What does it mean to be a leader in rapidly changing, complex environments?

New forms of leadership: Are there new models of leadership or new ways of leading in organisations - or are we recycling our ideas of effective leadership? What are we learning about leadership from the developing world? What difference does context make?

New forms of organisation: What might leadership look like the emerging economies? How might leadership be impacted in times of financial crisis? Are there new ways of organising work that lead to more effective leadership? What impact does might virtual world have on leaders and leadership?

Paper submission
Please send abstracts - 500 words max (excluding references) to the conference organisers by 30th September 2012.

Abstracts will be peer reviewed and advice regarding acceptance will be forwarded to the nominated author by September 30th.

Journal Special Issue
Papers presented at the conference will be considered for a special issue of the journal Leadership based on the conference title – Leadership at the Crossroads?