Parking Info

Parking bays at the Curtin Bentley Campus are zoned and colour coded. There are 4 different zones. Rates and access vary.

Download Campus Map here.

The recommended parking area for delegates will be the yellow zone via the Kent Street Entrance. This is the nearest entrance point to the Elizabeth Jolly Theatre where the conference will be held in.

Parking Zones and Rates for 2017

Zone Colour Users Description Cost
Green Staff, Students and Visitors Low cost parking in more remote locations $0.75 per hour ($4 max per transaction)
Yellow Staff, Students and Visitors General parking (recommended parking area for conference delegates) $1.50 per hour ($6 max per transaction)
Blue Staff, Students and Visitors For anyone who requires short term parking close to buildings $3.40 per hour

Parking at Curtin are done through an electronic pay-as-you-go parking system called CellOPark. Your details will be kept secure and you can even email your parking reports for your records. To use CelloPark, you will need to register. Once you’re registered, you can start parking straight away.

You can also download the app on your smart phone: CellOPark app.