SPERA Conference 2017
Proudly supported by the RACI
Radiochemistry Division


Tuesday 6th November – RACI Radiochemistry Division Workshop

The RACI Radiochemistry workshop at SPERA 2018 will be devoted to the exploration and discussion of how useful radioactive isotopes are as tracers of environmental processes. The workshop will be divided in 2 sessions, devoted to:

  • Morning: Ocean processes
  • Afternoon: Groundwater studies

Two keynote talks will be presented at each session, followed by enough time for attendees to present and discuss new ideas, challenges and initiatives. The organisers welcome your suggestions of topics. Feel free to prepare a short presentation if you wish so! 

RACI Workshop Program

Wednesday 7th November – Conference Day 1

Thursday 8th November – Conference Day 2

Friday 9th November – Conference Day 3